Screen Printed Sticker Options

Pantone Color Matches

Achieve the exact color you need with our Pantone color matching abilities. Choose from 25 standard inks. Pantone color matching is for spot-color sticker prints only.


  • Spot Colors start at $50 up-charge per match per order.
  • Add 2 business days to turnaround time.

Custom Die-Cut Shapes

Jakprints can print your sticker, then cut it into any shape for an original look.


  • Custom, based on project specs.

Liner Prints

Make your sticker do more with liner prints. Add coupons or album release info to the back liner of your sticker. Liner sticker prints are available as a one-color (Black) print on almost any shape sticker liner.


  • Custom, based on project specs.

Screen Printed Sticker Finishing

Screen-printed stickers are individually sheeted for fast distribution with crack-and-peel liners.

Learn more about any of our sticker printing or finishing options by calling us today at (877) 246-3132 

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