Sticker Stock

Foil Sticker Stocks

Clear Custom Printed StickersClear

Deemphasize your sticker border with clear stock. This see-through option is also an economical alternative to die-cutting. To make your print more opaque, Jakprints recommends adding a white backer to the sticker. This will not affect the transparency of the stock.

Sticker Stocks


Our collection of 10+ in-house sticker stocks is flexible enough to handle any sticker project you have in mind. From product labels to promo stickers we have the perfect stock for you.

Roll Label Sticker Stocks

Matte Paper

  • Economical and writable options perfect for short-term uses. Think mailing labels.

Gloss Paper

  • The medium sheen creates an eye-catching aesthetic for your labeling needs.

Ultra-Durable Laminated White Vinyl

  • Tough, moisture resistant stock. A must for any sticker you want to stick around a while.

Ultra-Durable Laminated Clear Polypropylene

  • Durable, moisture resistant stock. Transparent Polypropylene tough enough for outdoor use or sticking around on glass.

Screen Printed & Bumper Sticker Stocks

Ultra-Durable White Vinyl

  • The most durable, outdoor rated stock. It’s super tough and resistant to fading. Outdoors you can expect these to last 3-5 years.

Clear Polypropylene

  • A durable, clear option for outdoor use. Rated for 3-5 years of life exposed to the elements.

Full Color Sticker Stocks

White Vinyl

  • A Classic UV Coated Vinyl. Great for most promotional and labeling uses. Perfect for indoor use, but, these can live outside too.

Clear Polypropylene

  • A sturdy, clear UV Coated poly stock. Perfect for all-purpose clear labels and stickers.

Ultra-Durable White Vinyl

  • A real tough vinyl stock that’s protected against moisture, scuffing and the elements. These stickers are rated for outdoor use up to 5 years.

Ultra-Durable Clear Polypropylene

  • Clear stock with an added layer of protection over the inks to protect it against scuffing, moisture and more. Rated up to 5 years outdoors.

Vinyl Stickers Stocks

Custom Die-Cut Vinyl StickerVinyl

Vinyl is the most durable stock option for custom sticker printing. Spot-color stickers (Roll, Bumper and Custom Decals) come with a clear lamination that guards against scuffing and scratching. Full Color printing on Vinyl includes a protective UV varnish that adds durability.


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