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Effectively Economic. Economically Effective.

Did you know that the average response rate is between one and three percent on the first direct mail communication you send to a prospective customer? The second time around, the response rate jumps to between 5 and 35 percent! Did anybody ever tell you that, for only 22¢ each, we can print, address, and hand deliver 5000 postcards to your prospective customer's homes? For even better results, we can help you conceptualize, print and mail truly unique and eye catching pieces like catalogs, brochures, newsletters, folding cards and more.

How is direct mail so powerful?

It hangs out for a while. Direct Mail is physical and it lingers around longer than any other form of marketing. It works rain, sleet or snow. Direct mail marketing can become your best sales person, giving your sales pitch to tens of thousands of prospects. It's easy to track. More than 80% of all those who are going to respond, will do so within 2 weeks.

It all starts with the right list!

To get the best return on your investment, you need to start with the most relevant and promising list of prospects. We can help you procure a mailing list as specific as you'd like it to be. Your Jakprints sales rep will help you identify and analyze your perfect customer and then find a mailing list geared towards finding many more of them! We can search by one or more of the following criteria:

Residential Household: Income, age, gender, marital status, home value, income, neighborhoods, carrier routes, personal finances, hobbies & interests, children, veterans, ethnicity, religion, voter information, new movers, new homeowners, etc.

Commercial: Industry or business type, new businesses, sales volume, location, number of employees, square footage, expense types, job titles, credit rating, years in business, SIC codes, etc.

'Direct Mail' vs 'Every-Door Direct Mail'?

Direct Mail and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) are similar in their delivery method (you guessed it- the post office) but that's it. Traditional direct mail requires a list of contacts, whether compiled from your existing contacts, customers or a purchased list. EDDM utilizes existing local carrier routes, with just a trip to your local post office. Think of those pizza coupons that always seem to find your mailbox with "Postal Customer" as the address. No postage permits are needed, just a few forms detailing the route(s) you'd like to deliver to. 

USPS has an awesome tool to help you find your local routes and get started setting up your direct mail account to make the drop off of your postcards quick and easy. There are just a few restrictions in sizing and procedure, we've simplified and summarized the process in 7 easy steps on the EDDM Postcard Page. Ready to get started with EDDM? We've got everything you need right here


What You Need 

  • Mailing List
  • Timeline for Mailing
  • Postage Level 
  • Quantity
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