Print Locations

Pushing the limits of imaging locations.

We've done our homework and the research and development has paid off. We can print big or small and in locations you probably haven't thought of. Use one of our listed areas below or describe a custom location and request a quote. If you provide a digital mockup, we can troubleshoot your image locations and tell you the maximum print area for your stocks or imaging process.

Standard Imaging Locations

While we have the industries largest standard print area, keep in mind that for most applications, you will regret maxing out the print area. Even if you're primarily printing on big-and-tall shirts, the actual front chest area doesn't get much larger. Anything over 12" wide will likely fall into the arm pits. If you plan to print big, measure some people and plan accordingly. If you have questions, we're here to collaborate!

  • Front / Chest
  • Back 
  • Left Sleeve
  • Right Sleeve
  • Inside Label
  • Over the Zipper

Specialty Print Locations

Special locations don't cost any more to print, but they do take more coordination to ensure your files are properly setup and to manage your expectations about any side effects. 

  • Top or Bottom Run Off
  • Over the Collar
  • Side Prints 

Maximum Print Sizes

Max dimensions are limited based on your image location and the garment sizes in your order. The standard printing press pallet can accommodate 15" wide by 23" tall and our jumbo pallets are 20" wide by 28" tall. However, the garment can restrict the available print area based on the smallest size shirt in your order. A general reference for maximum print sizes on short sleeve t-shirts is listed below.

If you do not want to print over the sleeve seams, follow these instructions:

  • SM: 12" Width
  • MD: 13" Width
  • LG: 14" Width
  • XL: 15" Width
  • 2X: 15" Width
  • 3X: 15" Width

If you are printing a full front graphic and want to keep it on the shirt, follow these instructions:

  • SM: 21" Height
  • MD: 22" Height
  • LG: 23" Height
  • XL: 24" Height
  • 2X: 25" Height
  • 3X: 26" Height

If you have questions about the max print size of a specific garment style or print location, please contact us for assistance. We're happy to help!

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