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Recommended Apparel Sizes

Exclusive: Jakprints Recommended Sizing

You're not alone. Most people get hung up trying to pick a sizing distribution for any sizable apparel order. Unless you have 20 years of merchandising experience, how could you possibly know what sizes to order. Well, Jakprints does have 20 years of merchandising experience. 

Using the law of large numbers, we came developed the most popular ratio based on years of apparel orders from the worlds largest merch brands. 

While it's a fantastic starting point, you should definitely tweak it based on your audience. Are you selling tees to a bunch of young, skinny folk? Shift the numbers a little smaller. Printing sweatshirts for a boxing club? Shift those numbers a little bigger.

You get the idea. Use our numbers as a starting point and adjust based on what you know about your audience. 

Screen Printed Apparel Stocks

The possibilities are endless.

We offer endless possibilities for your apparel needs, from fashion forward high end options, to quality and budget friendly pieces. Start your order off right and save time by ordering from our array of apparel stocks. You will not find a more generous selection of materials, colors, styles and fits anywhere. With quality and competitive pricing, you get a great deal and still look good. Our very own, Angie Franklin discusses the nitty gritty on screen printed garments and what to keep in mind when ordering. 


  • Varies based on your garment and decoration selection.

How to Order

  • Visit our products on our Apparel page and fine tune your search by print process, gender, color, brand, age, fit, fabric and weight. 

We've spent a lot of time selecting the apparel on our site, but it doesn't stop there. We print on almost any apparel stocks on the market but may not have it on our site. Not seeing the stock you want or not sure of the application you need? Contact our knowledgeable Account Managers to discuss all your options!

Apparel Ink Counts

Screen printing color counting, reinvented. 

Ordering custom tees is supposed to be a fun experience but there's nothing fun about counting screen printing colors. You're not a screen printer, how are you supposed to know that? What other business operates that way? None of them do because, frankly, it sucks. So we got rid of it. 

How many colors is my graphic?

  • One Color - Single-color logos or illustrations, black and white graphics. Anything that we can print with a single color. 
  • Some Color - It's got a handful of colors but it's not a photo.
  • Full Color - Photographs, photo-realistic illustrations or illustrations with more than 5 spot colors. 

What's the catch?

No catch! It's just easier for everyone involved if we're not obsessed about what your number is all the time. We're not doing anything sneaky behind the scenes to rip you off.

This new setup gives you clarity on your price and gives us the wiggle room to use as many inks as we need to give you the best looking prints: Win-win. 

Note that all specialty print effects count as a color in your print.

Screen Printing Inks

Traditional Inks

The most economical and high quality ink choice for the widest variety of screen printed apparel.

Formulated to achieve superior opacity and color matching accuracy, plastisol inks are the most commonly used inks for screen printed apparel. Made of PVC with an oil base for flow and viscosity. Super durable and looks great on any color garment.

Soft Inks

An alternative to traditional plastisol inks that will not cover up the soft, natural feel of your garment. Print bright colors on light or dark garments without losing the soft, natural feel of the fabric.

This process allows you to print bright colors on light or dark garments without sacrificing style or comfort. Jakprints utilizes a range of water base inks, pigments & discharge agents that actually stain the garment, instead of sitting on top of the fabric. The result is a print that is almost as soft as the garment itself! 100% Cotton garments are required for this ink type, as a chemical reaction is used to remove the dye from the shirt where traditional inks would normally print a white under-basing. Due to the nature of this process, some variation in the color of your final print should be expected by you or your client.

  • Soft-to-the-hand feel with vibrant results
  • Competitive option to water-based inks
  • High-end & fashion forward
  • More ecological than standard Inks
  • Great when printing over seams and off garment
  • Washing is recommended before wearing
  • PMS color matching available

Water-Based Inks

Go Green! Print with the lowest environmental impact and get soft, natural results.

Water-based inks produce ultra soft prints and are the most eco-friendly inks available. Water-based inks are used by organizations with a desire to maintain a green profile and fashion-oriented companies looking for a soft-to-the-hand feel. With the consistency of water and a translucent base, designing for these inks should be reserved for minimal detail and color printed on an organic fabric. Truly an ink for those looking to print green. The best choice for the environment.

  • Most eco-friendly inks available
  • Super soft to the hand
Looking to take it even further? Check out our Screen Printing Effects


Screen Printing Effects

Accentuate your designs with any special effects inks and applications.

Whether your adding lifelike textures with a High Density Ink or giving your image a reflective quality with foil transfer, these effects will add value and distinction to your next project. Looking for something more standard? Check out our Screen Printing Inks

Natural Discharge

This printing is done with discharge agents on 100% Cotton garments, adding heat for a chemical reaction creating an off-white or bleached-out natural color. The final result is a graphic area entirely void of ink, the softest touch possible.

  • Expect variation in color on the final print. 
  • Some garment colors react better than others.
  • Softest ink option for Black or Dark garments. 
  • Need a specific shade of off-white? Choose Soft Vibrant and we will match to the print file with the closest ink option.
Questions on your garment color choice? Contact your Account Manager to discuss more in depth. 

How to Order
  • Select "Add Speciality Print Effect" on any product page configuration.
  • Choose "Natural Discharge" from the dropdown.

Foil Transfers

Add shine to your design with colored foil transfers! Utilize one of our eye-catching foil colors to create a polished, mirror-like finish that will reflect light and make your graphic radiate like the sun. The result is a finish that is sure to make you break out your shades to keep the glare out of your eyes.

  • Combines printed adhesive and heat-transferred foil leaf. 
  • Due to the process, other inks in design must be soft inks.
  • Work best with solid, bold graphic areas.
  • Cannot be used for halftone images.
  • Cannot be used on graphics with fine details.
  • Limited to one foil color per print location.
  • Extend the foil life by washing inside-out in cold water and hang to dry.

How To Order

  • Select "Add Speciality Print Effect" on any product page configuration.
  • Choose "Foil" from the dropdown.

Metallic Inks

Go heavy and drop some metal into your design. Metallic Inks give you a subtle, unfinished sheen without the polished reflective shine of foil. Available in 14 different colors.

Metallic Ink Colors

  • Pantone 871 C - Gold
  • Pantone 877 C - Silver

How To Order

  • Select "Add Speciality Print Effect" on any product page configuration.
  • Choose "Metallic Ink" from the dropdown.
  • Pick your ink from the dropdown options.

Puff Inks 

Stay puffed! Evoke 80's nostalgia or create a throwback look to your raglan or trucker cap with Puff Inks. This effect is created by adding a puff additive to standard Plastisol Inks, making them rise like a freshly baked loaf of bread.
  • Soft marshmallow-like quality.
  • Available in any color in the Pantone Matching System (PMS) Solid Color Guide.
  • Don't have a PMS color? We can match files to the closest option. 
  • Combo with Traditional Inks in the same color and a different screen to create texture with one area.

How To Order

  • Select "Add Speciality Print Effect" on any product page configuration.
  • Choose "Puff Ink" from the dropdown.

Glitter Printing

Add some sparkle to your print with our Glitter Inks. We add glitter to the plastisol ink base creating a print will sparkle all over.

How To Order

  • Select "Add Speciality Print Effect" on any product page configuration.
  • Choose "Glitter Printing" from the dropdown.

Retro Effect 

Take it back a few decades to a previous generation and create a faux 70's glitter transfer. Same old-school look with an update in print quality detail and durability. Looks great on a Ringer or Raglan tee with a Retro print of your favorite childhood idol!

  • Combination of Glitter Ink & Clear Foil 

How To Order

  • Select "Add Speciality Print Effect" on any product page configuration.
  • Choose "Retro Effect" from the dropdown.

Glow in the Dark

Put the spotlight on your designs with Jakprints' own Glow in the Dark Ink!
  • Translucent ink best as an overprint with white or light-colored inks.
  • Applied to entire image or just a specified area.
  • Final print will have a slight green cast, due to phosphorescence nature of ink.
  • Pantone matching is not availble with this effect.

How To Order

  • Select "Add Speciality Print Effect" on any product page configuration.
  • Choose "Glow in the Dark" from the dropdown.

Print Locations

Pushing the limits of imaging locations.

We've done our homework and the research and development has paid off. We can print big or small and in locations you probably haven't thought of. Use one of our listed areas below or describe a custom location and request a quote. If you provide a digital mockup, we can troubleshoot your image locations and tell you the maximum print area for your stocks or imaging process.

Standard Imaging Locations

While we have the industries largest standard print area, keep in mind that for most applications, you will regret maxing out the print area. Even if you're primarily printing on big-and-tall shirts, the actual front chest area doesn't get much larger. Anything over 12" wide will likely fall into the arm pits. If you plan to print big, measure some people and plan accordingly. If you have questions, we're here to collaborate!

  • Front / Chest
  • Back 
  • Left Sleeve
  • Right Sleeve
  • Inside Label
  • Over the Zipper

Specialty Print Locations

Special locations don't cost any more to print, but they do take more coordination to ensure your files are properly setup and to manage your expectations about any side effects. 

  • Top or Bottom Run Off
  • Over the Collar
  • Side Prints 

Maximum Print Sizes

Max dimensions are limited based on your image location and the garment sizes in your order. The standard printing press pallet can accommodate 15" wide by 23" tall and our jumbo pallets are 20" wide by 28" tall. However, the garment can restrict the available print area based on the smallest size shirt in your order. A general reference for maximum print sizes on short sleeve t-shirts is listed below.

If you do not want to print over the sleeve seams, follow these instructions:

  • SM: 12" Width
  • MD: 13" Width
  • LG: 14" Width
  • XL: 15" Width
  • 2X: 15" Width
  • 3X: 15" Width

If you are printing a full front graphic and want to keep it on the shirt, follow these instructions:

  • SM: 21" Height
  • MD: 22" Height
  • LG: 23" Height
  • XL: 24" Height
  • 2X: 25" Height
  • 3X: 26" Height

If you have questions about the max print size of a specific garment style or print location, please contact us for assistance. We're happy to help!

Inside Label Prints

Garments branded with your logo.

Jakprints offers inside label prints on most garments. Customize your screen printed order with your logo printed inside for a retail ready product. Some garments already have logos and care instructions printed inside. 

  • Imprint area is 4.5x4.5 inches max.
  • One color imprint. 
  • Standard ink options in Black, White or Cool Grey 6 (our most popular).
  • Custom ink options available.


  • Select "Inside Label Print" location on the product page.
  • Select one of our standard ink options or customize it.

How to Order

  • Select "Inside Label Print" location on the product page. 
  • Select one of our standard ink options or customize it.

What You Need 

  • One color graphic.
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