Apparel Ink Counts

Screen printing color counting, reinvented. 

Ordering custom tees is supposed to be a fun experience but there's nothing fun about counting screen printing colors. You're not a screen printer, how are you supposed to know that? What other business operates that way? None of them do because, frankly, it sucks. So we got rid of it. 

How many colors is my graphic?

  • One Color - Single-color logos or illustrations, black and white graphics. Anything that we can print with a single color. 
  • Some Color - It's got a handful of colors but it's not a photo.
  • Full Color - Photographs, photo-realistic illustrations or illustrations with more than 5 spot colors. 

What's the catch?

No catch! It's just easier for everyone involved if we're not obsessed about what your number is all the time. We're not doing anything sneaky behind the scenes to rip you off.

This new setup gives you clarity on your price and gives us the wiggle room to use as many inks as we need to give you the best looking prints: Win-win. 

Note that all specialty print effects count as a color in your print.

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