Giclée Prints

Create museum-quality art prints.

What is a Giclée you ask?

Giclee or Giclée (zhee-klays) are professional, deluxe, museum-quality ink jet prints using archival inks and your choice of our finest and most durable stock options.

A Giclée print from Jakprints uses a combination of eleven archival, pigment-based inks producing a significantly larger color gamut than you're used to with traditional print methods. The results are an unparalleled tonal range and color fidelity that's measured in centuries, not years.

There are no minimum quantities to order so order one or many! Orders over 25 pieces may have a longer turn time, but we'll let you know. Perfect for:

  • Wedding photos 
  • Gifts
  • Galleries
  • Photographic prints
  • Limited-edition fine art prints
Choose from our standard stocks: 
  • Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper
  • Somerset Museum Rag Paper
  • Breathing Color Lyve Canvas - Matte
  • Breathing Color Lyve Canvas - Gloss
See below for more details on each stock. Each print  is hand cut to size and carefully packaged in acid-free and PH-balanced tissue paper. See our giclée printing in action.


How to Order 

Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper

Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper stock features; 240 gsm, RC Paper Base, Highest Color Gamut, Luster “E” Surface Finish with a print permanence rating of 100 years.

Ideal For: Photography.

Brilliant, fully-saturated colors. Capable of rich, deep blacks and a satin-like gloss finish that resists harsh glare. Lifelike image crispness and a smooth coating with a very fine/subtle traditional RC photo paper texture. Archival prints with outstanding vibrance.

This stock will produce an image similar to a traditional photo print in a digital print.

Somerset Museum Rag Paper

Somerset Museum Rag Paper stock features; 300 gsm, 100% Cotton Paper, Mould Made, PH Neutral, Acid-Lignin and Chlorine Free with a print permanence rating of 150 years.

Ideal For: Replicating traditional printmaking, drawings, or watercolor paintings. Graphic Design and Digital Art Prints.

Outstanding color gamut and unparalleled color quality. Incredibly sharp detail. Blacks appear slightly lighter than the Epson paper due to the paper being uncoated but are still rich and deep. White paper with a slightly warm, life-like hue and minimal paper texture. Exceptional print permanence and lifespan.

Breathing Color Lyve Canvas - Matte or Gloss

Breathing Color Lyve Canvas stock features; 450 gsm, Poly-Cotton Blend, OBA Free, PH Neutral with a print permanence rating of 100 years. Comes with a protective gloss or matte finish.

Ideal For:  Painting Replications, Digital Art (Paintings) or Landscape Photos.

Saturated colors and Deep blacks. Incredible finish with the matte or gloss coatings. The gloss coating offers a satin-like finish that reduces harsh glare in direct light while the matte replicates a smooth matte varnish finish of a traditional painting. The canvas texture emphasizes brushstrokes and other character in the image.

Caution: Be conscious of the canvas texture, text or very fine elements of detail may be distorted or skewed by the woven texture.

This stock replicates any image on a real textured canvas surface. Gloss and Matte coatings give the image an outstanding traditional-like finish.

All stocks are PH balanced and Acid free allowing outstanding color permanence and life spans of 100 years or more.

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