Printing Capabilities

Jakprints offers a variety of printing capabilities and options. Regardless of your area of interest or industry we're able to print anything you need for your merch booth, promotional or marketing campaign.

Offset Printing

Our offset presses allow us to print 4/4 CMYK or custom spot color inks to create full color images. Offset printing is widely regarded as the industry standard due to it’s high quality results and efficiency at high quantities.

Digital Offset Printing

Digital printing is perfect for small quantity runs, eliminating the need for individual plates for each color to be made before going to press. Digital printing allows for printing of white inks on kraft and colored specialty stocks.  

Large Format Printing

Our large format printers allow for printing directly on thick and durable substrates. The only limitation to the size of the print is the full width of the printer- This allows us to print oversized banners, posters and wall graphics.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the process of pushing ink through a fine mesh, with a stencil-like emulsion masking out areas and only allowing the image to print. We use this process for the majority of our apparel as it’s superior for durability and textile printing. Every color in your artwork requires its own screen, which prints in layers to build up your image.

Embroidery & Relabeling

Our embroidery machines allow us to quickly and consistently reproduce images with colored thread. Before being printed, your artwork is digitized by hand, where every stitch is plotted and planned to create your final image.

Direct To Garment

Direct to garment or ‘DTG’ printing is an innovative digital apparel printing method where ink is directly printed onto a t-shirt very similar to your home office printer. This allows one-off t-shirts and full color graphics without the need for the expensive setup typically involved in garment printing. For how amazing this new technology is, it doesn’t quite hit the quality that’s achievable with traditional screen printing… yet.  

Dye-Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing allows for full color, all-over printing on specialty, polyester based garments. Using special, heat activated inks, your image is printed on a transfer sheet and then pressed against the garment in a large heat press that transfers the inks directly into the fabric of the t-shirt.

Giclée Printing

Art prints start with specialty ink-jet printers that use archival pigment based inks similar to traditional artist paint or printmakers ink. With 8-12 archival inks this process can create color commonly out of gamut in traditional CMYK printing allowing your artwork or photographs to look incredible and highly saturated when printed.

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