Keep it together, professionally.

Saddle Stitching

The fastest, most economical binding option available for a high-volume order.

  • Saddle stitching is a lot like stapling your pages into booklet form. One flat sheet is folded to make four pages and then bound with a staple.
  • Your desired page count must be within four-page increments. Bind up to 68 pages of 100 lb. paper or up to 88 pages of 70 lb. paper.

Perfect Binding

Look like the pros with perfect binding. It is a stronger, longer-lasting option similar to magazine binding.

  • All pages nest in the binding perfectly, creating an identifiable, squared-off spine.
  • Great for materials that require printed binding or a well-defined spine.


Your paper is glued together at the edge, making it easy to remove sheets from the binding.

  • Add holes to hang or fit in a binder, or add chipboard backing to turn it into a writing pad.
  • Ideal for creating notebooks, notepads and stationery pads, coupon books, postcard books, or books of flyers.

Spiral Binding

Spiral wire binds the paper together, just like a spiral notebook. Gives a professional finish for less than perfect binding and works with almost any number of pages.

  • Great when you have a high volume of paper (up to 300 pages) or a short run (as few as 100 pieces).


How to Order 

What You Need 

  • Tell us the type of binding you want.
  • Tell us the page count. 
  • The finished page size. 
  • Total quantity.
  • Stocks desired for the outside cover and interior pages.

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