Specialty Threads

Make even the simplest design stand out.

Use our assortment of standard and specialty threads to add flare to your garments. We offer around a 100 different color threads and can order additional colors if your project calls for it. We also offer Pantone matching, but bouncing light can cause the thread to look lighter or darker in certain areas and at certain angles. Or choose our specialty threads to spice up your design with unique colors and textures. 


Our pricing is based on your graphic size and the stitch count.

  • For Standard Threads see our product pages.
  • For Specialty Threads, contact us for a Custom Quote.

How to Order 

  • Specify your graphic size and location. 
  • Standard Threads - select "Match My File" or "Pantone Colors" under "Color Matching".
  • Speciality Threads - contact us for a Custom Quote.

What You Need 

  • Embroidery Files.
  • Thread type selected (standard or speciality).
  • Thread color selection or let us know to match your files.
Check out our Designing for Embroidery page and make sure your files are setup correctly.

Specialty Thread Options

Multi-shade Rayon
Multi-shade Rayon

A single rayon thread dyed multiple shades of the same color.

Multi-color Polyester
Multi-color Polyester

A single polyester thread dyed multiple colors.

Fluorescent Polyester

Flourescent Polyester
Polyester thread available in a variety of fluorescent shades. Available in
  • yellow
  • green
  • orange
  • pink

A smooth, high-sheen silver-coated thread. Available in
  • gold
  • silver
  • copper
  • bronze
  • a variety of basic solid colors

Super Twist
Super Twist

A metallic, sparkled thread. Available in

  • gold twist
  • silver twist
  • black twist
  • monochrome twist
  • multi-color twist
  • opal-color twist
  • crystal-color twist

Wool Effect
Wool Effect

A soft and fuzzy thread that feels like wool. Available in a variety of solid colors and shades, including

  • melange wool
  • multi-color wool

Frosted Matte

Firefighter Flame Retardant

Glow in the Dark

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