Recommended Apparel Sizes

Exclusive: Jakprints Recommended Sizing

You're not alone. Most people get hung up trying to pick a sizing distribution for any sizable apparel order. Unless you have 20 years of merchandising experience, how could you possibly know what sizes to order. Well, Jakprints does have 20 years of merchandising experience. 

Using the law of large numbers, we came developed the most popular ratio based on years of apparel orders from the worlds largest merch brands. 

While it's a fantastic starting point, you should definitely tweak it based on your audience. Are you selling tees to a bunch of young, skinny folk? Shift the numbers a little smaller. Printing sweatshirts for a boxing club? Shift those numbers a little bigger.

You get the idea. Use our numbers as a starting point and adjust based on what you know about your audience. 

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