Environmentally Friendly Printing at Awesome Pricing

At Jakprints, being good environmental stewards is more than a throw-away line about initiatives or overuse of the word “green.” As a company, as people and as a community, we are passionate about leaving the Earth better than we found it and we’re confident you feel the same way.

Over 500,000 Trees Planted

We plant one tree with every order.

Since January 1, 2012, Jakprints has planted one tree for any and every order. When you order flyers, we plant a tree. When you order t-shirts, we plant a tree. When you order stickers, banners, posters and hoodies, we will plant four trees… Catching on? Trees are planted and communities are rebuilt, all on our behalf through Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization based in Maryland.

Learn About Trees for the Future

70,000 Trees Planted or Saved per Year

Everyone agrees: trees are pretty great. We strive to replace or offset more than we use, and we're putting our money where our mouth is.

64,000 Trees Planted

3200 Trees Saved via Production-Waste Recycling

2200 Trees Saved by Using Recycled Papers

Planting Trees

Trees for the Future empowers communities to build sustainable income, food and local economies. Farmers throughout South America, Asia and Africa work with TFTF to learn agroforestry. Indigenous plants and fruit trees enable farmers to create a businesses while helping the environment.


Planet friendly substrates, stocks and more.

Recycled Paper

While all of our paper stocks come from responsible sources; we also keep a steady supply of papers with high percentage of recycled content (post-consumer waste). Choosing responsible papers should never be a sacrifice.

  • All of our paper stocks meet the same high standard for brightness and color fidelity, regardless of recycled content.
  • You’ll never pay a premium for stocks with higher PCW content.

Learn More About our Standard Paper Stocks

Responsibly Forested Papers

All of our papers are sourced from well-managed forests located in North America or Europe and certified by one of the three major organizations who follow the trees, pulp and paper through the entire chain of custody. Some are certified in all three.

Eco-Friendly Apparel

We offer a wide variety of eco-friendly garment options including organic cotton, hemp and bamboo fabrics. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, hit us up for a free custom quote — we have a network of more than 100 suppliers who can get almost any garment in the world.

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Our Eco-Favorites

Featured favorites that are good for you and the planet.

Eco Friendly Custom VIP Passes

Biodegradable Eco-Vip Passes

If you're a fan of the environment or on a budget, our 32.pt. Eco-Vip Passes are a perfect fit! Un-laminated card stocks sets the stage for single-day events, festivals and so much more.

$118 / 50 Qty
Custom Printed Full Color Eco Friendly Flyers

Planet Friendly Flyers

Custom printed on either 100# uncoated with a 50% Post-consumer waste or our 12pt at 30% PCW for a slightly heavier flyer. Spread the word, save the planet... it's a win, win!

$84 / 500 Qty
Custom Screen Printing Eco Friendly Organic Apparel

Recycled Plastic Apparel

Looking for some eco-conscious apparel? The the Allmade A2004T is for you. Feel good and look good with an environmentally friendly, recycled plastic bottle t-shirt.

$10.19 ea / 144 Qty

Eco Inks

Printing for a happy planet.

Offset Inks

We’re proud to use 100% vegetable-based Inks rather than a traditional, cheaper, petroleum base. Our offset inks contain more than 30% vegetable oil and a minimum of 55% bio-derived, renewable and sustainable raw materials. It is formulated without petroleum ink solvent and has extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it an environmentally friendly choice. Water-based, aqueous coatings make our offset products 100% biodegradable.

Water-Based Apparel Inks

Lower your impact and upgrade to water-based inks on your next apparel project. These inks produce ultra-soft prints that avoid the plastic medium that traditional apparel inks. Water-based inks are not ideal for all designs or fabrics; so, be sure to read more before placing your order.

Learn More About Water-Based Inks

100% Powered By Wind

No fossil fuels here, just clean energy.

Wind Power

Reducing our dependence on traditional energy sources was a natural step. As soon as wind-subsidized energy credits were offered in our area we jumped on as one of the first companies to opt-in. Not only does wind power help us with our own power needs, but it also spurs continued investment in renewable energy. Fast forward just a few years and we were able to switch all of our power to renewable resources and cut our ties with the fossil fuels for good.

Offset Power

We're proud to be 100% wind powered; however, it's actually our aggressive production-waste recycling program that makes the biggest impact.

15x Less Waste


15x Less Wasted Paper than Other Printers

When setting up an offset print run, a typical press wastes around 500-1000 sheets of paper in so called makeready — among other things, makereadys are required to get the color plates aligned and the ink flows consistent. That’s 1000 press sheets that go directly in the recycling bin before your job has even run.

Our new Heidelberg press, North America’s first carbon neutral offset press, is able to do the same work with 30-50 sheets of paper. With the number of print runs we do, this has reduced our paper usage by over 40% per year. That’s 16 fewer tress per day that are chopped down solely for production waste.

Printing Waste

All of our production waste are recycled or reused.

  • Aluminum plates from our offset presses is recycled monthly.
  • Paper scraps and makereadys are combined with our office paper recycling.
  • Apparel scraps are donated to local shelters or upcycled internally for clean up.
  • Vinyl banner scraps are upcycled into purses and bags.

Shipping & Packaging

Our house-stocked papers and boxes are warehoused by the truckload, drastically reducing our semi-truck deliveries.

All branded and unbranded shipping boxes are produced with at least 90% recycled material. Any virgin content is from responsibly forested sources.

Reduced, Reused & Recycled

Our aggressive, sustainable practices put the planet first.

1.8 Million kWh Electricity Saved per Year

750,000 kWh from Wind Power

800,000 kWh via Production-Waste Recycling

300,000 kWh by Using Recycled Papers

642 Yards of Landfill Waste Eliminated

640 Cubic Yards via Production-Waste Recycling

40 Cubic Yards by Using Recycled Papers

2.3 Million Gallons of Water Saved

1.3 Million Gallons via Production-Waste Recycling

1.0 Million Gallons by Using Recycled Papers

208,000 lbs. of Air Pollution Avoided

111,000 lbs. via Production-Waste Recycling

197,000 lbs. by Using Recycled Papers

Green Cleaning Illustration

Clean Up

Less-harmful, just as clean.

We only use 100% biodegradable, organic solvent for reclamation and breakdown in place of cheaper, hazardous mineral spirits.

Internal Recycling

Jakprints’ employees recycle plastic, aluminum, glass and paper products throughout the workday. An on-screen, computer-based production system keeps employee paper usage to a minimum.