Yupoong, also known as Flexfit in the United States is famous for making fitted baseball caps with an elastic headband for comfort and stretch. This innovation was a giant achievement for the wholesale blanks industry, as it offered vendors an alternative to having to inventory 14 different hat sizes. S/M and L/XL options also fit most heads, which can prove to be useful when ordering custom embroidered hats for a group of people. In addition to the technology that gave them their name they also offer fitted and adjustable hats and have also developed fabrics with thermal regulation, cool & dry, anti-bacterial, and UV protection properties.

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  1. Yupoong 6245CM Low Profile Dad Hats
    Yupoong 6245CM
  2. Yupoong 6006 Flat Bill
    Yupoong 6006
  3. Yupoong 5089M 5-Panel
    Yupoong 5089M
  4. Yupoong 1501KC Heavyweight
    Yupoong 1501KC
  5. Yupoong 6297F Flexfit
    Yupoong 6297F
  6. Yupoong 6277 Flexfit Wooly Twill Baseball Caps
    Yupoong 6277
  7. Yupoong 6210 Flexfit
    Yupoong 6210
  8. Yupoong 6007 Classic 5-Panel Snapback
    Yupoong 6007
  9. Yupoong 5001 Flexfit Twill Baseball Caps
    Yupoong 5001
  10. Yupoong 1500KC Heavyweight, Cuffless Beanie
    Yupoong 1500KC
  11. Yupoong 110F Flat Bill
    Yupoong 110F
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