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Screen Printing, Embroidery & Sublimation FAQ

All your apparel questions, asked and answered.

Screen Printing FAQ / Embroidery FAQ / Sublimiation FAQ

Proper file setup ensures that your files print as you intended without production delays.

File Requirements

  • Vector Files: PDF / EPS / AI
  • Raster Files: PDF / PSD / TIFF

Screen Printing File Guidelines

  • Ensure that all raster files (or linked images) are built at 300 dpi.
  • All art should be at the exact size you want it to appear on your garment.
  • If converting vector art to raster, leave the anti-aliasing option turned off.
  • Rasterize or Outline any type layers.
  • Leave your background color transparent or match it to the apparel color in your order.*
  • If your files do not meet these requirements please consult your Account Manager.

*Note that apparel stock RGB values are located on all garment product pages — hover your cursor over the desired swatch to see the value.

General Questions

Learn more about the printing and proofing process.

Where can I learn more about apparel printing and garment selection?

What is the standard turnaround time for apparel orders?

Screen Printing, Embroidery and Dye Sublimation all have unique turnaround times. Average turnaround (including shipping) is approximately 2-3 weeks from the time that your order is submitted. If you require your order to be shipped to you by a specific date, be sure to note this in your quote/order or contact your Account Manager before your project is sent to production.

Can I rush my apparel order?

Yes. Scheduling of turnaround times are based on the complexity of your order and are guaranteed on a first-come, first-served basis. Once your order details are complete and we have print-ready files, your shipping address, valid payment and approval of your digital proof, your order can be approved for a guaranteed ship date. Rush fees may apply. You will be contacted before production starts or any payment is processed to approve any surcharges. If your requested in-hands date cannot be met, you will be given the option to cancel your order without any penalties.

Can I print just one shirt?

Individual, screen-printed garments are available; however, due to the steep price, most customers are better off ordering at least 24 pieces. This option is typically used as a way to test a design before doing a large run. Any quantities less than 24 should be submitted as a custom quote

Sublimated, all-over printed t-shirts are available in any quantity in single- and double-sided variations. This may be a better option for one-off designs or print runs. 

Can I mix and match different garment colors, sizes and brands within one order?

Yes. You can order a variety of different colors and sizes with the same set graphics embellished on them. Some restrictions apply.  

* Independent brand requires six pieces per size.

* Yupoong brand requires 12 pieces per size. 

If I print the same set of graphics on different garment styles, do I still receive the quantity discount?

Yes. If all of the garment styles selected can be printed together, the total quantity will apply towards both styles. Example: 72 Short Sleeve T-Shirts + 72 Long Sleeves = 144 piece pricing for each. If the garments cannot be embellished at the same time or requires additional set-ups for production, your invoice will be split into two and each will be priced without the discount.

  • For example, Pocket Tees cannot print with regular T-Shirts without a pocket: They must print separately. However, they can be combined with other Pocket Tees of a different brand or color.
  • Toddler Tees and Onesies may not print with youth or adult tees, but may be combined together.
  • Zipper Hoodies and Jackets cannot be combined with Pullover Hoodies, but may be combined with one another.
  • All Polos and Henleys with buttons may print together but not with other items.
  • Some garments may require separate set-ups due to their fabrics because they require specialty inks, like, Nylon Jackets.
  • Most accessories (including Bags, Hats and Underwear) require unique set-ups and cannot be combined with other items.

If you have any questions about combining items, please consult your Account Manager or contact us.

Can I supply my own blank garments or fabric for printing?

No. We prefer to source our own garments from pre-qualified suppliers that we have a strong business relationship with. We work with dozens of wholesale distributors and garment manufacturers to provide the very best quality, pricing and turnaround times. By purchasing in high-volume we receive the lowest rates that they can offer, and the savings are then passed along to our customers. We also verify that each supplier is able to keep their inventory levels regularly stocked so that we can prevent any backorders when possible. If you have a specific item or brand in mind and do not see it on our website, contact us with your request and we will see if we can get it in for you.

Can I change ink colors within one order on different garments?

Yes. However, ink changes are limited to one color images using Plastisol inks only with a minimum quantity of 24 pieces per color. If your design contains more than one color, you will need to place separate orders for each ink change and they will be produced separately. Quantity discounts will not apply.  Ink changes are $25 per color change. 

How many ink colors will I need to print to reproduce my image?

You should email your Account Manager directly. For an accurate color count send full size, high resolution graphics. Please include a note about what color shirt your graphics will be printed on, the fabric blend, and the ink type that you would like, as this may effect the way that your image is produced. When possible let us know your total quantity and size break down. This will help us make recommendations about max print size and help us gather details needed to provide you with an accurate estimate on your project.

Do you offer 4 color process printing on apparel?

Although Jakprints is capable of screen printing 4 color process graphics on white garments, it is not recommended due to color consistency issues. Due to the nature of screen printing, the color can vary from the first shirt off the press to the last.

For this reason, we would recommend using an alternative method of printing CMYK on apparel such as Dye Sublimation or Direct To Garment (DTG). These new methods can reproduce much more vibrant, consistent color with higher detail than what is possible with screen printing.

If screen printing is the preferred method, we may choose to employ a method the industry calls "simulated" process printing, in which uses 6-10 ink colors to reproduce full color images. This process not limited to white garments.

To request help choosing the best method for your graphic, please contact your Account Manager.

What is your maximum print size for screen printing?

Max dimensions are limited based on your image location and the garment sizes in your order.

The standard printing press pallet can accommodate 15" wide by 23" tall and our jumbo pallets are 20" wide by 28" tall. However, the garment can further restrict the available print area based on the smallest size shirt in your order. As a general reference for max print size on short sleeve t-shirts, please see below.

If you do not want to print over the sleeve seams, follow these instructions:

  • SM: 12" Width
  • MD: 13" Width
  • LG: 14" Width
  • XL: 15" Width
  • 2X: 15" Width
  • 3X: 15" Width

If you are printing a full-front graphic and want to keep it on the shirt, follow these instructions:

  • SM: 21" Height
  • MD: 22" Height
  • LG: 23" Height
  • XL: 24" Height
  • 2X: 25" Height
  • 3X: 26" Height

If you have questions about the max print size of a specific garment style or print location, please call your Account Manager for assistance.

Will I get to see what my order looks like before all of the shirts are printed or embroidered?

We require free digital proofs on every screen printing and embroidery order. Once your order is submitted, a digital proof will be emailed to you for approval. This will give you the opportunity to view approximately what your graphics look like on a medium size garment.

We do offer pre-production hard copy proofs for sampling our screen printing services for an additional fee. However, this may not be a cost effective for smaller runs or projects that are on a strict budget. We highly recommend this process for high-quantity orders, or when proofing is required with a client in order to move forward with your project.

If you have previously printed your artwork on apparel (with someone other than Jakprints) or are trying to match other corporate identity pieces where color consistency is critical, please send us a physical samples to match our inks to. Only reference Pantone® numbers if you are in possession of a Pantone® Solid Coated Color Book. On screen swatches are not accurate.

If you are looking to produce a line of samples to show potential buyers at a trade show, please contact your Account Manager to inquire about Direct To Garment digital printing. This is a great cost effective option for producing one-off designs to help you get your business off the ground.

Am I able to order a sample of the garment that you advertise online before I place my full order?

Yes. We can sell a limited number of blank samples prior to placing your full order to evaluate the color, sizing, fit and finish. Please email your Account Manager the details including brand, item number, color, size and quantity. We will prepare a quote and send it for you to approve and apply payment. Blank samples take approximately 4 business days + shipping transit. Please plan accordingly if your full order is on a deadline.

Am I able to print sizing and care instructions on the inside of my garments?

Yes. We can print a one-color graphic on the inside-neck area of most garments. Please note that if your graphic is size-specific you will be required to print a minimum of 24 pieces per size, per order.

Can I order items that are not on

Of course! We can source garments from hundreds of suppliers. And, if we can't order the specific item you're looking for, chances are we can find something pretty darn close.

Place a quote through our site and select Custom from the drop down menu of the apparel options. In the description please make note of the brand, item number, color, size/quantity breakdown.

Please note, if the garments that you have requested are unfamiliar to our production department, some research and development may be needed and could extend the turnaround time of your order. If your project has a deadline, please plan accordingly.

Can you scan my artwork?

Yes. See our General FAQ for complete details.

Can I have my order split and shipped to multiple addresses?

Yes. See our Shipping FAQ for complete details.

Do you ship to countries outside of the United States?

Yes. See our Shipping FAQ for complete details.

Sublimation Questions

All of your Sublimation questions, demystified.

What is dye sublimation?

Sublimation Printing (also call Dye Sublimation or All-Over Printing) uses a full color process with inks that only adhere to synthetic fibers. These are super-soft, full color, full bleed prints. Garment selection is extremely limited due to the constraints of the printing process.

Screen Printing is the traditional printing method. It provides many more garment, ink and effect options. It's also much more budget friendly. Pricing is based on the number of colors in your graphic. Full Color graphics can be simulated, but typically requires six-10 colors. Unlike Sublimation, Screen Printing can not offer edge-to-edge or full coverage printing.

There are three main placements and anchor points that are commonly shown with mockups that can not be achieved with Screen Printing:

  1. My image runs off the top and bottom of the shirt on all sizes.
    With screen printing, you are only allowed to choose one fixed vertical anchor point. This means that if you want the image to be anchored to the top of each garment, the bottom portion of the graphic will vary from garment size to garment size. The print area may appear "maxed out" in size on the smaller garment sizes in your order but as the garment sizes increase, the placement at the bottom will vary. To properly do this with screen printing, you would need to place separate orders, which can become very expensive. However, with sublimation we require separate templates for each garment size so you can achieve a top and bottom bleed run off.
  2. My image prints seam to seam on all garment sizes.
    With screen printed orders, you are only able to chose one print size within a run. The largest print size available will depend on the smallest garment size in the order. As the garment sizes increase, the print will remain fixed and the left and right edges will appear farther and farther from the side seams. To properly do this with screen printing, you would need to place separate orders, which can become very expensive. However, with sublimation we require separate templates for each garment size so you can adjust the size of the image for each garment size.
  3. My image starts on the body of the garment and prints onto the sleeve.
    When setting up a screen print order, the body of the shirt is loaded onto the pallet. During this process, the sleeves fall off to the sides making this print area unavailable. However, with dye sublimation the garment is placed on a flat surface with the sleeves out.

Things to keep in mind when ordering Sublimation:

  • If you are ordering multiple sizes, you will need to create a template for each shirt size being ordered. If you are not able to use the templates but you do have usable artwork, there will be a $25 charge per side, per size, per design to lay out the artwork for print.
  • Pricing is based per design. For example, if you have 3 total designs and you wish to order 12 of each you would receive 12 quantity pricing for each design, not 36 quantity pricing.
  • Men's and Women's garments can be combined. For example, if you have 12 men's shirts and 12 women's shirts with the same images, you would receive 24 quantity pricing, not 12.
  • Sublimation prints have imperfections that are unavoidable due to the printing process. Please ask your Account Manager for more information. 

I want to order 100% cotton shirts. Why is that not an option?

Sublimation inks only adhere to synthetic materials. If we print on cotton, the image will wash out after being laundered.

Can I print on black shirts or any other garment colors?

We print the image using transparent, CMYK inks; so, we need to use a white surface. Since the garment is white, if you wish for it to look a black, red, or blue shirt etc, you would need to create this as a bleed in your artwork.

I want the backside to be a solid color to give the illusion it's printed on a colored shirt. Do I still need to supply artwork?

Yes, We have two options to acheive this look!

The first would be to print on our exlusive American Apparel All Over Panel Shirt. This specific garment has been design for Jakprints, so you can't even get it anywhere else! The front is made of white polyester, while the sleeves and back are black, 100% cotton.  If you want the look of a black shirt but do not want to pay for double-sided printing, this is the garment for you and your brand!

If you need a color other than black for the sleeves or reverse side, we have an option for that as well. We can embellish your garment by printing on both sides.  This "double-sided" print can be whatever color you specify in your files. 

What if my print isn't "full coverage"? Let's say it's just a 12 x 12" square. Is there a lower price rate?

Pricing is the same whether you fill out the entire printable area or not. If you are not doing a full coverage print, screen printing setups (for quantities over 24 pieces) may be a more cost effective option.

I want my shirt to have solid color sleeves with a full body print.

The proper way to achieve "color blocking" is with cut-and-sew manufacturing, which we are not setup to do. While you can lay it out in the template to print in this manner, there will be some slight shifting in placement with this print method — expect up to about a 0.5" to 1" in any direction. This means that the print will not line up with the sleeve seams perfectly. Graphics that are full coverage photographs, patterns or organic shapes are best for sublimation prints.

My graphic wraps around from front to back. Is this possible?

While you can lay our the images in your template to give the illusion of a wrap around print, exact placement can not be guaranteed.

We lay the shirt flat, print the front, flip the garment, lay it flat and print the backside. While we do have guides in the template to help line up the print, we can not see the front side of the printed shirt when pressing the back. Expect up to about a 0.5" to 1" of shifting in any direction.

I want to do a sleeve print. Is this possible?

We do not suggest this print location for dye sublimation. We lay the shirt flat, print the front, flip the garment, lay it flat and print the backside. Sometimes we see clients setup a sleeve print graphic in a template, showing half of the art on the front side and half of the art on the backside. Due to the normal shifting during printing, we can not guarantee these two images will line up properly when looking at the side of the shirt.

Do you offer cut-and-sew services to remove the printing flaws from sublimation printing?

Unfortunately, not at this time. This is something we are looking into for future orders but are not setup for this type of manufacturing at this time.

Do you do offer sublimation on sweatshirts or longsleeves? How about pants, shorts or leggings?

We are not able to achieve proper full coverage on any item with a long sleeve or pant leg at this time. These items require cut-and-sew manufacturing in order to achieve retail-sellable results.

How about a short sleeve polo or button up shirt?

Unfortunately, this would require cut-and-sew manufacturing in order to achieve minimal creasing. If we lay these garment flat and try to print over the buttons, we would not be able to achieve a clean print in the areas around the buttons.