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Large Format Printing FAQ

All of your questions, asked and answered.

Proper file setup ensures that your files print as you intended without production delays.

File Requirements

  • Vector Files: PDF / EPS / AI
  • Raster Files: PDF / PSD / PSB / TIFF / JPG / PNG

Large Format File Guidelines

  • Ensure that all raster files (or linked images) are built at least 150 ppi. Lower ppi’s are acceptable if your viewers will be seeing the artwork from a distance. 
  • Rasterize or Outline any type layers.
  • Remember to keep adequate space for grommets, hems, wind slits or pole pockets.
  • If using a design template, do not flatten the artwork onto the template.
  • If your files do not meet these requirements — or if your artwork is not optimized for the printing process — please consult with your Account Manager.

General Questions

Learn more about the printing and proofing process.

How do I setup my banner file?

To ensure a good quality final product, we require that digital files for banners and other wide format prints meet the following requirements:

Raster Files: For optimum quality, files should be a minimum of 150 Pixels Per Inch (PPI or DPI) at full print size. Files can be sent scaled down, but the pixel dimensions need to scale up proportionately.

  • For example, a 72x48 inch banner can be sent at 1/2 size (36x24 inches), but the resolution must be 300 dpi (twice the print resolution of 150).

Vector Files: Files can be scaled down to any size, as long as the size is proportionate to the final print size. Be sure to include at least 1/8" bleed.

InDesign Files: If there are any raster images placed into your InDesign file, the same rules for Raster-Based Files apply: Placed raster images must resize to a minimum of 150 ppi at full print size.

How do I decide which banner material to print with?

All of our banners print on high-qualty vinyl or cloth with vibrant, UV-stable inks. 

  • Gloss Vinyl: Mr. Dependable. This glossy, white vinyl is probably what you think of when you think of a vinyl banner. Perfect for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Biodegradable Gloss Vinyl: For the same price as our standard Gloss Vinyl, print on BIOflex biodegradable vinyl. Under landfill conditions (darkness, high heat and moisture), this vinyl attracts microbes that break down the PVC into dust. Rated for 3–5 years of outdoor use.
  • Matte Vinyl: Sturdy, white vinyl with a matte finish. Matte Vinyl is especially useful in locations with bright lights that could impede readability. Safe for use outdoors or indoors. 
  • Mesh Material: Dotted with tiny holes, Vinyl Mesh banners are ideal for high winds or in applications where you need to let sound through, like a custom printed speaker cloth. Perfect for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Vinyl Faux Canvas: This white vinyl has a very subtle glossy sheen and a canvas pattern stamped into the surface. This texture can soften colors and reduce the detail available on the print. It is recommended for signage or photos where fine details are not required. Vinyl Faux Canvas does not come pre-stretched. Indoor use only. 
  • Giclee Prints: Create official, numbered, limited-edition art prints. Giclees are professional, high-quality ink jet prints. They use eight archival inks on a variety of substrates. The result? Unparalleled tonal range and color fidelity that's measured in centuries, not years -- truly museum-quality prints. Indoor use only.
  • Stage Backdrops: Go big or go home. Stage Backdrops (also known as Poly-Banners) are full color prints on flame-retardant polyester cloth. Sizes are made to order so feel free to place a custom quote to suit your needs. Light-weight fabric folds up with ease. Fire Safe Certification available on request. Please note in your order's Additional Options and Instructions.
  • Table Covers: Fitted and Un-Fitted full color, all-over print Table Covers will instantly polish up any display table, trade show booth or merch booth. Covers drape over all four table sides and are available in standard table lengths. Fire Safe Certification available on request. Please note in your order's Additional Options and Instructions. Since table sizes vary, place a custom quote.

Do you have any biodegrabable vinyl banners?

Vinyl banners are available on BIOflex vinyl for no extra charge. BIOFlex is a glossy, outdoor vinyl that is rated for 3-5 years of outdoor use. Unlike traditional vinyl, BIOflex biodegrades when placed in landfill conditions (darkness with high heat and moisture).

Read more about all of our environmental initiatives.

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Can I get grommets added to my banner?

Yes. Unless you tell us otherwise, grommets are placed at each corner and (up to the discretion of the pressman) every two feet along the edges. If you need them in a certain spot, just let us know where by telling us in the Additional Options and Instructions section of the order form.

Will grommets obstruct my artwork?

Since the exact placement of grommets can vary, it's best practice to keep any important design elements (like, text and logos) at least 3" away from your outside edges.

Can you print double-sided banners?

Yes and no. Yes, we can produce a double-sided banner for you; but, we can't print on both sides of the vinyl.  However, we can print two single-sided banners and hem them together along the outside edge.  For more information and pricing, please speak with your Account Manager or request a custom quote

Does Jakprints offer any large format finishing options?

Vinyl Banners are multitaskers. Whether it's business signage, trade show displays, window graphics or outdoor signs, make sure your banner does its job with custom upgrades and options.

Do you offer any banners with stands?

Yes! We have lots of banner and stand combinations available. Please speak with your Account Manager or request a custom quote for pricing. Be sure to include details about what you're looking for in your quote's Additional Options and Instructions. 

Do you offer large stage backdrops?

Sure do! Please request a custom quote. Be sure to include your size and any special needs you may have (like, Fire Retardant requirement) in the Additional Options and Instructions.