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Full Color Printing FAQ

All of your Full Color printing and file prep questions, asked and answered.

Files must be submitted in Press Ready format. Files that are not Press Ready will be subject to additional surcharges. To avoid fees and production delays, please have your files prepared for output before uploading them.

File Requirements

  • File Formats: JPG / PDF / TIFF / EPS / PSD / AI 
  • Native Formats: QuarkXpress / InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop
  • Fonts: Outlined or PostScript Type 1
  • 300 DPI Resolution in CMYK or Grayscale
  • 1/8″ Bleed and 1/8″ Safety

An 1/8″ bleed is required on all files submitted. Keep all text and important information (including logos) at least 1/8″ inside the trim line. Cutting can and will vary, up to 1/8″. If you have information (or thin borders) within 1/8″ of trim, they may be cut off.

File Setup

Avoid print delays with proper file setup.

What does Press-Ready mean?

Press-Ready means that your files are ready to be processed into plates for use in an offset or digital press. Not all software can save files in a Press-Ready format.

File Requirements

  • File Formats: JPG /PDF / TIFF / EPS / PSD / AI 
  • Native Formats: QuarkXpress / InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop
  • Fonts: Outlined or Postcript Type 1
  • 300 dpi Resolution in CMYK or Grayscale
  • 1/8" Bleed and 1/8" Safety

What file formats / applications are supported by Jakprints?

Microsoft Word, Publisher, Corel and other word processors unable to create press-ready files. Orders submitted using these applications will incur surcharges to prepare your files for printing.

Accepted Formats

  • QuarkXpress / InDesign Send all PostScript Type 1 fonts and ensure all colors and images are converted to CMYK. Package for output. Save and compress files in .SIT, .SEA or .ZIP format. Linked images must be 300 dpi TIFFs or EPSs — JPEGs are not supported. Please remember to send the images and any fonts used in your document.
  • Photoshop Save all files in CMYK color mode at 300 dpi resolution. Leave any Template layers untouched. Merge all your artwork layers and Save As… EPS, PDF, PSD or TIFF.
  • Illustrator Make sure colors are in CMYK. Convert all text to outlines. Save and send file as an EPS or PDF.
  • Freehand Make sure colors are in CMYK. Convert all text to outlines. Save and send file as an EPS or PDF.

Why can't I submit my job in RGB color mode?

Many colors you create on your monitor (RGB) are not achievable using standard four-color process inks (CMYK). If you submit your job in RGB color mode, we will convert it before it goes to press, which will lead to color shifts that you may not be happy with. It is always best to create your document from the start in CMYK format to ensure that you have a better idea of how your colors are going to print. Learn more about CMYK vs. RGB

Can I create a file exactly to size?

Only if there is NO bleed required, otherwise you must add 1/8" of bleed around all 4 sides of your artwork. Download the appropriate template (found on all product pages) to ensure correct bleed and trim settings.

What do Bleed, Trim and Safety mean?

Commerical printing presses are not able to print ink all the way to the edge of the paper. To allow your artwork to bleed off the edge, we print out artwork that is 1/8" bigger on each side and cut the piece down to size. Seeing your artwork mocked up with both Bleed and Safety for the first time can be odd. "Why do I have all this wasted space," you ask. No worries, your final trimmed and packaged piece will look completely normal. 

Trim Size: The final size of your prints once the the press sheet is trimmed down. On a standard leaf of letter paper, the Trim is 8.5 x 11".

Bleed: The 1/8" of extra print area that's needed to allow us to cut down to your Trim Size. Since this area is being trimmed off, you do not want anything important in your Bleed, like, logos or text. The Bleed on a standard leaf of letter paper is 8.75 x 11.25".

Safety: The area where you need to keep important elements, like, logos or text. During printing and trimming, paper can shift, expand or contract up to a combined 1/8". Keeping everything important within the Safety Area will ensure that your prints look professional. The Safety on a standard leaf of letter paper is 8.25 x 10.75".

How should I set up my catalog files?

Follow these guidelines when setting up catalog files in the program of your choice.

How should I set up my files for spot/strike-thru matte varnish?

Follow the tips and instructions for doing spot/strike through varnishes in the program of your choice.

General Questions

Learn more about the printing and proofing process.

Do you offer other paper stocks?

All of our pricing is based on the house stock listed in the product's description. We're able to print on almost any stock available; however, your price will vary from our standard pricing listed on jakprints.com. If you are interested in having a custom quote, please contact us.

Read more about our standard, in-house paper selections.

Why did the colors print differently from the colors on my monitor?

Monitors display colors in RGB not CMYK (the inks used for printing). Most monitors are not calibrated for color accuracy. There is also a wide range of gamma differences in PCs, Macs and various manufacturers of monitors. Room lighting can also have an impact of your perception of color. If color matching is critical, please request a color proof with your order.

If I provide a color proof, can you match to it?

Yes and no.

If we have printed it in the past and your new order is on the same stock, we can certainly match to it! 

If you printed it at home, or even at another professional printer, probably not. Since many commercial printers use different presses, we can't gaurantee that ours can match the colors accurately. If color matching is critical, please request a hard-copy, color proof with your order.

Can you scan my artwork?

Yes. See our General FAQ for complete details.

Can you change my artwork?

Depending on the type of artwork submitted, we may be able to make modifications to your file. Any requested changes will be subject to an additional charge of at least $35.